PRESS-INFO designspray: Designer of the month

Designer of the month january 2010: chris&ruby

The work from chris&ruby is driven by a versatile and flexible approach to design issues. Every product in its context deserves its own definition of design priorities.
The basis of their design approach is perfect function in consideration of our constant change in habits as well as intelligent constructions with the persuit of effecient materials, principles and manufacturing processes. Futhermore we see design as a communication medium between designer and consumer and therfore try to create an emotional comment on the particular context by using humorous, critical, philosophical or poetic elements.


chris&ruby is a young design team from Berlin working in product- and interiors design, both contract based and self initiated.
While the self initiated projects aminly deal with furniture, lighting and living accessoires, the contract based projects cover a much wider field. So far we have developed design concepts for merchandise products, bottles, fair stands, exhibition design and several private interior projects.

chris&ruby was founded in 2008 by Ruby Piterek and Christoph Männchen, after they met at the University of Arts Berlin, where the both graduated in Industrial Design.  Previously Ruby studied Industrial Design at the California College of Arts in San Francisco and Chris studied and graduated in Product Design at St. Martin‘s College of Art & Design in London.
Based on a shared view on design they already started working together on several projects in college, resulting in their first contracts.

Personality socks

An amusing play with associations.
We all know these sterotype socks and associate certain human personalities with them.
The „Personality Socks“ show impressivly how strong these associations can be, as they easily turn your  chair into a snob, lady,small town boy or a good girl…
An amusing protection for your floor, but also criticizing our prejudging on the basis of banal things like socks.
Available in sets of four equal socks.
They fit perfectly on legs with a perimiter of 11-13,5 cm.
Price: 15 € per set

personalitysocks   Transfer

Transfer - solid beech wood

Where do you leave your prepared ingredients?
Thanks to a simple cut out they can easily be transfered to a plate waiting for the right moment to be used.

Designer of the month November 2009: feinedinge*

The austrian designer Sandra Haischberger with her label feinedinge*  is specialized in developing an producing sustainable porcelain design with high use value.
The range consists of tableware, accessories and light objects.
All forms, textures and patterns are 100 % crafted by hand which makes each a completely unique design item.

Sandra Haischberger


Designer of the month september 2009: Studio Taschide

taschide - tan schiebe design

Causing emotions, creating values and assets: these two principles play an important role in the vocabulary of 'taschide'. But the philosophy of the design company from Offenbach on Main does by no means stop at that. Its founders, Sandra Tan and Johannes Schiebe, stand for more than just creativity and designing talent.

The two young designers see themselves as go-betweens who bring the various disciplines of the trade together. Architecture, industrial or product design: 'taschide' know how to combine different approaches with perfection and thus achieve results that fascinate their customers.

They expect themselves never to get stuck, but always to remain flexible. Being able to turn one's head in all directions is the prerequisite for staying open for new ideas and for trying even unconventional tracks at times.

Since its opening in the year 2004 the new firm of 'taschide' has been a byword for fresh ideas skilfully put into practice. From the very first sketch to the actual visualization of a project, Sandra Tan und Johannes Schiebe make highest demands on themselves and on their results. The interplay of mental work and handicraft is what the students of the renowned Offenbach design academy (HfG) really like best about their trade.

With 'taschide' the main focus of their work is on staging and design living-spaces. Visitors have already been able to go and see that for themselves at numerous public exhibitions. At home or in public: the works of the two designers from Offenbach create atmosphere, harmony, and a feeling of well-being.

Experience from arts, graphic arts, and architecture guarantees high-class results born from professional teamwork. Nevertheless, the responsibilities are clearly cut: Tan is in charge of the artistic work, while Schiebe uses his craft skills to put the ideas into practice. It is this blend that makes 'taschide' so very special and always produces exciting and sometimes even unusual results.

Princess the hand mirror made from acrylic mirror material.

Designer of the month august 2009: Nika Rams

In recurrent intervals we want to present our designer of the month. We selected the jung designer Nika Rams for the month august. Here wonderful Designs are inspiriting, surprising and amusing.

Nika Rams (1983) studied product design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and graduated 2008 with the Bachelor of Art. During her studies she completed internships, among others at David Dubois Studio in Paris. Since her graduation Nika Rams was working for the ökoRausch in Cologne and as a freelancer for econcept in Cologne. The focus by Nika Ram's work that used to be shown on many international exhibits, lies in the areas of graphics, editorial, corporate & concept design, as well as on consumer products, furniture, property, retail and trade show design.

"I see good design as a symbiosis of intellectual and practical value, which gives things new values in the future. "


I try to create consumer products which are struggeling to balance human lifestyles with the planet’s limits through a healthy and inspiring way. It is about communication, information and motivation. My products should remind and educate people to be aware of our wasteful behaviour in our daily routines and inpire to do something about it. I want to send out little, subtile impulses, which finally build up a consciousness towards the important theme of responsibility for our planet.


The plug for the power socket is not only a nice cover for unattractive outlets in the wall, but also reminds and educates people to be aware of our wasteful behaviour in our daily routines and builds up a consciousness towards the important theme of responsibility for our planet.

Also well suited as a keychain. Facilitates the search of the bunch of keys in the
room when it is directly plugged to the outlet next to the door.


PRESS-INFO Mai 20th 2009

Designers of all countries, least on a joint marketing platform!


Start of the new marketing platform designspray

A totally new marketing platform for designers launched on 15th April 2009.
In the meantime over 80 designers already joined on
The ambition is to spray the young, cool spirit of the involved designers around the world and to offer their innovative and surprising products to design interested people all over the globe. The range of products is of a great variety.
It goes from porcelain, ceramic, furniture, life accessories to fashion and decoration up to pet furniture. On this marketing platform the members can additionally look for an appropriate manufacturer for their fully developed ideas.

The idea behind designspray!

There are numerous designers and creative individuals and excellent ideas and products ready for mass production. These products are often sold and marketed on their own websites. We, two product designers who also operate
our own internet shop, have experienced how difficult and costly it can be to be found on the internet with one's website in order to market one's products. That encouraged us to design this forum.
On designspray now all designers, artists and creative people, who have something to sell, can register for free and sell their products via the shop. It is also possible to find a manufacturer for thought-through ideas.
The designer benefits from the synergy effect created, the joint marketing activities and PR. And he saves on the equipment and costs for his own shop.
The customer purchases directly through the designer and gets to know the creative individual behind the relevant product. Thanks to the joint forum there is a huge selection of wonderful and individual products.

Porcellain series COSMO
Designer: Meyer Design, Lichtenfels/Germany

COSMO unites innovative and unique product design.
The handle on the cup and the well in the saucer are no more.
The fingers hold the cup via four exposed points. This graphic, functional holding element is repeated on the saucer. A completely new product concept is born. The holding points provide a stimulating, haptically-unique and sensorial handling of the material.

Birdhouse Cuckoo 5 to 12
Designer: Denzzzil, Hamburg/Germany

The birdhouse "Cuckoo, 5 to 12!" doesn't present a mechanical cuckoo as attraction, but real titmice and nuthatches. Either they huddle around the entrance or are cavorting at one of the both suet cakes. Beside real bird singing, the birdhouse mainly offers assurance on creating living space to oscine birds. The clock is running and it is five minutes to midnight to save the nature.

Sideboard series 4.1
Designer: Roller, Haiterbach/Germany

Our second furniture of the series 4.1 also has our new and innovative handles. One highlight is the special coating on the inside of the drawers. It's a lacquer that feels like a kind of fabric.
Materials: veneer "smoked" oak, special lacquer cobalt blue
Other colours and variety of timber on demand

On April 15th 2009 we started our completely new marketing platform for designers, called designspray.
More than 90 designers have registered as members in the meanwhile and it grows day by day.

The ambition is to spray the young, cool spirit of the involved designers around the world and to offer their innovative and surprising products to design interested people all over the globe.

On the members can additionally look for an appropriate manufacturer for their fully developed ideas.
Products directly from a designer -