Questions about Buying

The idea behind designspray!

There are many designers and creative individuals with excellent ideas and products ready for mass production. These products are often sold and marketed on their own websites. We, two product designers who also operate our own internet shop (, have experienced how difficult and costly it can be to be found on the internet with one’s website in order to market one’s products. That encouraged us to design this forum.

On designspray now all designers, artists and creative people, who have something to sell, can register for free and sell their products via the shop. It is also possible to find a manufacturer for thought-through ideas.

The designer benefits from the synergy effect created, the joint marketing activities and PR. And he saves on the equipment and costs for his own shop.
The customer purchases directly through the designer and gets to know the creative individual behind the relevant product. Thanks to the joint forum there is a huge selection of wonderful and individual products.

How can i find products on designspray?

You can find the products on designspray via the various categories and, on the other hand, via the full text search function. There the designer, a product or colours can be searched. It is, of course, also possible to browse the various topic worlds.

How do i buy?

You purchase directly with the respective designer at designspray. By clicking the basket symbol, you go to the basket and follow the patch to the checkout. If you have not registered, you will now be asked to do so. Enter your name and address in the relevant fields. After the purchase, you receive a confirmation e-mail from designspray with the list of products purchased. This is not a purchase order. The purchase order and invoice are sent by the relevant designer directly. It contains all details on the purchase, such as total costs, including dispatch costs, delivery time and payment type. You can of course also place several items from different vendors in your basket. The designers will then contact you separately.
As soon as the payment has been received by the designer, the items ordered are dispatched to the delivery address specified.

What shall i do, if i don't get a confirmation e-mail?

Usually, every customers receives a confirmation e-mail within two minutes of every purchase or sale. If you do not receive this e-mail, please first check in your profile whether your e-mail address is specified correctly and still valid. If not, please write an e-mail to and we will correct your address for you. If you do not receive a message, despite the e-mail address being correct, it may be in your spam folder. If you do not find a message there either, please contact us at

How can I pay?

Payment methods vary from seller to seller, bank transfers are one of the most common methods of payment across Europe however please be aware that sellers in certain countries cannot work with bank transfers and usually accept payments via PayPal. Please check carefully the accepted payment methods as described in the sellers’ shops.

When do I have to make my payment?

Please make your payment once you received the confirmation of your order from the seller. Your payment should be on the seller’s account at the latest 7 days after confirmation of your order.

What about delivery fees?

All sellers indicate related shipping in their shop (national and international delivery). Please check carefully the shipping location of an item you wish to purchase. Items with no additional shipping costs are highlighted on the website. However, these shipping fees may vary from the price indicated, e.g. when you purchase several products from a seller or if you desire express delivery. Therefore, after purchasing an item the seller will contact you to confirm the final shipping fees and the total amount you have to pay.
Please note: If you order items from various designers, different shipping costs per order can be calculated.

When and how do I get what I bought?

Delivery times depend on the shipping method and on additional delivery times indicated in the sellers’ shops. In some cases a seller might produce an item just for you so that delivery times are longer. However, the majority of the products listed on are available immediately. If not, delivery times are always indicated in the respective shops. If the shipping address is different to your billing address you can indicate it in the shopping process, e.g. if you want to send it as a present.

I didn’t receive my order

If you didn’t receive the product you’ve purchased please check if your payment has been transferred to the seller. First please contact the seller, if payment has been made correctly. Please notify us asap at, if you do not receive your order and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

There’s a problem with the product I ordered

If the product you received does not correspond to what you’ve expected when you ordered it please try to liaise with the seller to find a solution. If you are unable to find a solution together with the seller please let us know at and we will do our best to solve the situation.

Reporting disputes

Please notify us if you have encountered a problem either in buying or selling something or if somebody is annoying you by leaving comments or sending messages that do not correspond to designspray’s principles. We will then work on resolving the issue quickly.

I forgot my password

If you cannot remember your password please follow the link “Forgotten Password?" at LOGIN. We will then ask you to indicate the email address which you used for registration and will send your password to your email address if it is registered in our system.

How do i delete my registration?

In order to delete your registration with designspray, please send us an e-mail to with your user name and e-mail address, which you used for the registration. We will then delete your registration and details. If you have already bought items with designspray, the data for the orders processed, which is important for the tax authorities, will be saved.

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