Questions on Selling

Who can become a seller?

Designers, creative individuals, artists, i.e. everybody with a good “sexy” product from own or external production.
Please note that we do not allow people under the age of 18 to buy or sell.

What are the requirements for my product in order to be added?

 The requirement is simple: The product must enthuse.

What does designspray do?

- Advertise, maintain and update the homage
- Expansion of designspray through active acquisition of new members
- Comprehensive press work and PR
- By publishing on, the copyright can be proven in the event of a dispute.

How much does it cost to sell on designspray?

Registration and creating your shop is free. When you sell a product we take 5% commission from the sales value.


To find a Manufacturer over designspray.

Offering a product in the "Manufacturers find" section, will cause a one-time fee of 25 € per product. There will be no further charges after this and there is no time limit for this entry right now.

What must I ensure so that my product is added?

- The ability to deliver the product must be ensured.
- The product must not infringe on the copyrights of third parties.
- The product must not be more expensive than on the own website or other sales platform.

Can other manufacturers also place products?

Manufacturers can, as a rule, also place products. The products must also enthuse us and are subject to the same advertising procedures. The designer must be named and presented for the products. The manufacturer himself must not advertise himself.

How to register as a seller

As a vendor, register under the Place product menu product. Enter your name and e-mail address and send us a brief description with one or two images of your product(s), which you wish to sell via designspray. Please understand that all products are verified individually. Also in your interest, we ensure a high and permanent level of quality in design and make of the products on designspray.
After verifying your product(s) and being enthused by them, you are given access data for your personal administration area on designspray in order to place your product(s) more easily. A detailed description can be downloaded as a PDF file.

My personal profile at designspray

In addition to your products, you should save your personal profile, your CV and a portrait of yourself. The precise instructions how to import your profile into designspray will also be provided to you when you have registered as a vendor.

How to register a product

Do you have a product for sale with complies with the designspray guidelines? Please apply under Place product and send us some information on your product. This application is not the final product placement on our website. After a short verification of your product(s), your details and if you enthuse us with your product, you receive the access details to our shop system, and you can place one or more products in detail. We will also have to subject your product placement to a final verification for legal reasons (we do not want someone to offer something bad or even worse) and release you within the shortest period of time. You will receive from us a short e-mail when we have released you and your products are online.

How to list items

After enthusing us with your product, you will receive the access data to your administration area on Here you can easily place your item within a very short period of time yourself. You require a product description in German and English. We regard ourselves as a European and international website, but are starting our marketing and press work in Germany. For this reason, your product description in German is important. If you have difficulties with the translations, we will be happy to help you. Just write us an e-mail to

How to add pictures

You can upload 9 more images in addition to the main image. This can also be drafts for a better explanation of your product. The images/drafts should be square to ensure an ideal appearance of our website. Ideal are 400 x 400 pixels with a size of 72 dpi in JPEG format.

What payment methods should i offer?

Whether the payment is made advance or on invoice, is up to you. As a rule, advance payment has become standard on the internet. If you choose advance payment, payment must be possible by bank transfer. Payment by credit card or cash on delivery is recommended. Payment via PayPal is also practical, because for many customers this is a secure, simple and thus convenient payment method.

What happens when I sell an item?

When you have sold one of your items, you will automatically receive an e-mail from us with all important details on the order.  You should then send an e-mail with a purchase order and the payment conditions. Send the invoice, incl. postage, to the customer as a PDF as an attachment. The payment should be made within two weeks. After receipt of payment, the item should be sent within two or three working days (no later than within one week). A template for the purchase order, the payment conditions and the invoice is enclosed in the detailed descriptions on registration.

When and how do I send my items sold?

The terms of delivery of your item should also be stated on your product page. A quick delivery (within three working days) after receipt of payment should be a matter of course. Delivery date, place and shipment method should be again agreed with the purchaser. The customer can state a different delivery address for every purchase, if the item purchased is to be sent as a present, for instance.

What must I consider for the packaging?

The first impression counts, also as regards the packaging. The top priority should, however, be transport safety. A stable packaging will prevent transportation damage and unnecessary complaints. We recommend you test the packaging by sending it to yourself. This will allow to test and assess the stability of the packaging best. Your parcel should include, in addition to the note for exchange and return options, the invoice with the confirmation of receipt of payment.

In which countries can I sell? What postage is incurred?

You can decide for yourself whether you would to dispatch only within Germany or the EU or globally. For every item, specify the costs of shipment to the relevant destination region. They will appear on your product page, so that the customer can view them more easily. Make it easy for your customer. Offer free shipment in your country of residence at least. Experience shows that your customer is much more likely to decide to purchase your product if there are no additional postage.
The postage for your country of residence can be easily included in the sales price of the product. This will also provide you with quite low-cost postage for Europe or shipment abroad, as the postage included in the sales price can be deducted from the postage to the respective destination.

For example: Shipment within Germany is EUR 7 for your product and shipment to Italy is EUR 9,50. This means that you can offer shipment to Italy for only EUR 2.50.

The postage is invoiced by you to the purchaser after order. Also inform your customer if postage can be saved or dropped entirely by ordering several items. You can also simplify postage, by offering for Germany, the EU and global shipment only three shipment levels.

How are the charges of designspray calculated?

The sales charge is levied on the first day of every month for the previous month. All orders made during this calculation period are charged. In your administration area, you can report any returns, complaints or non-paid orders any time. For these sales which did not materialise, no charges are levied and these non-charged orders are credited to your account in the following month with the next invoice. You can easily pay the charges by direct debit.

These products must not be sold at designspray!

- Items which are subject to an embargo
- Fireworks Articles
- Mailing lists and personal information
- Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid and Matrix systems
- Stolen articles
- Travel vouchers, airline and train tickets
- Articles, whose promotion, supply or distribution may hurt copyrights and performance rights, property rights (eg trademarks, patents, models and designs) and other rights (eg the law on your own picture, name and personality rights).
- Propaganda articles and article marks an unconstitutional organizations
- pornographic and Minors Articles
- weapons within the meaning of the Firearms Act, in particular shot, side arms and ammunition of any kind
- radioactive substances, poisonous and explosive substances and other harmful chemicals
- live animals products and preparations of protected species and protected plants and their preparations
- human organs
- securities (especially equities), money market or financial instruments, credit, loans and financial support - Promissory notes and titles, as well as other legal claims arising from legal transactions for purposes of collection

Drugs articles, although their possession is lawful, but their use is prohibited
- Medical drugs - Medical devices, where their sale in accordance with statutory regulations is prohibited.

How do I manage my items?

You can easily manage your items and personal profile on your administration page. You receive the description for this with your application.

Where do I see my sold items?

All relevant information can be viewed, checked and edited on your personal administration page on designspray.

I forgot my password

If you cannot remember your password please follow the link “Forgotten Password?" at LOGIN. We will then ask you to indicate the email address which you used for registration and will send your password to your email address if it is registered in our system.

How do I delete my registration?

In order to delete your registration with designspray, please send us an e-mail to with your user name and the e-mail address you used to register. We will then delete your registration and data. If you have already sold items with designspray, the data for the sales processed and your items will be archived for the tax authorities.

Reporting disputes

Please notify us at if you have encountered a problem either in buying or selling something or if somebody is annoying you by leaving comments or sending messages that do not correspond to designspray’s principles. We will then work on resolving the issue quickly.

What do I do if the vendor does not pay?

If after two weeks (for transfers from abroad, please allow at least 20 days) you still have not received any money in your account, we recommend sending a reminder (we will send you a template with your registration) to the customer.  If the customer does not reply and the payment is not made after another 14 days, you can assume that the customer will not pay for the item. We recommend not sending the item and highlighting the order as not paid in your administration area.
If an order was not paid for, or there is a return/complaint with the relevant credit of the invoice amount, we will of course not charge the fee. If sales commissions for this item have already been charged, they will be credited by us with the following payment.
To this end, please highlight the items accordingly in the administration area (A for not paid order, B for complaint and C for return).

What do I do if the customer returns the item?

The customer has the right to return goods bought on the internet without stating a reason. If the customer has returned the item, you must immediately contact him in order to initiate the re-transfer of the purchase price. Please highlight in your administration area the item as return, so that the sales commission is returned to you.


What should I do if the customer complains about not receiving the order?

Send your product to a dispatcher (DPD, Hermes, etc.) which offers tracing of the parcel. Also send the customer a dispatch note with the parcel number after dispatching the parcel. On the one hand, the customer can prepare for the arrival of the parcel and, on the other hand, the route of the parcel can be easily traced online. This will protect you from such complaints. If problems persist, send us an e-mail to and we will try to help as soon as possible.

Enthuse your customers.

For instance, you can surprise your customer with a great package for your product. A small token of your gratitude or a nice surprise will also make your customer happy. Be generous and friendly as regards questions or problems of your customer and keep this up if complaints arise. The simplest thing is to provide the service which you would like and treat customers the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Questions regarding loge slot.

What is a loge slot?

With a loge slot, your product can be viewed on the start page and category page of designspray and is directly linked with your product. This allows you to direct attention toward your products and advertise them ideally.

What does a loge slot cost and how long is the term?

Every loge slot costs EUR 15 (excl. VAT) for a term of 14 days. The remaining term of the booking can be found in the main menu under Loges booked. The remaining term is displayed there for every individual product.

How can I book a loge slot?

Simply go to your administration area at to the main menu and click on products. In your product overview you can select for the relevant product a loge slot.

Where exactly and how often are loge slots displayed?

The loge slots are displayed on the start page and on the category page. All items which have booked a loge slot run in rotation on the start page, on the category page they are in the front position. The position can therefore not be determined by you, but as the loge slot items are replaced every time the page is called up, every item is displayed equally often.

What are the benefits of a loge slot?

A loge slot provides you with many benefits. The items in the loge slot appear on the start and category pages and are directly linked to your product page. The products on the start page are by experience called up first. This means that your products are viewed first as well as your profile with the additionally products you have placed, whereby you increase your sales in the medium and long term.

Can I determine the start date myself?

A flexible selection of the start date, for instance “the day after tomorrow at 11:30am“ is unfortunately not possible at the moment. The term is always seven days from the time of activation, i.e. precisely 7 times 24 hours.

How many loge slots can I book?

You can book as many loge slots as you like. For every product, one loge slot can be booked. After the expiry of the term, you can subsequently book another loge slot for this product immediately.

Can I use one loge slot for several products?

No, unfortunately not. Every loge slot can only be assigned once. If you select an item which is available several times, the loge slot also remains if one of the products is sold.

What are the effects when I deactivate, delete, sell or highlight as sold my loge-slot item?

If a loge-slot item is marked as deleted, because the product has sold out, the remaining term of the loge slot booking shall become void. The loge slot cannot be assigned to a different item. If a loge-slot item is no longer available or is set to “sold”, this item is no longer displayed on a loge slot. The validity of the loge slot, however, continues to run. When you can offer the item again, simply increase the unit numbers of the item and it will appear on a loge slot again. If you have deactivated a loge-slot item, it is automatically transferred to the “non-active item” list and no longer displayed in the loge slots. The validity of the loge slot, however, continues to run and as soon as you reactivate the item, it appears again in the loge slot.

How are loge slots paid for?

The charges for loge slots booked are automatically included in your designspray invoice. Simply go to your personal administration area and click on Invoices in order to view your invoices. As soon as the invoice amount exceeds EUR 5, it is charged the following month.

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